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You are not alone

NativeGap is being used to build and distribute some of the best apps out there.

Enlighten your users

Always be one tap away from your users. Use powerful features such as push notifications to increase engagement. Craft a consistent design across all of the touchpoints your customers have with your brand.

One app, all markets

NativeGap allows you to focus on maintaining a georgeous web app without sacrificing accessibility and visibility on mobile & desktop platforms. Shift your resources towards building one great app, and then share it with everyone.

Consistent & Beautiful across all platforms

Craft beautiful native apps, which embrace your brand's design language. Because of the deep level of customizability you can increase conversions by creating a strong and consistent visual identity for all of your customers on all platforms.

From a website to an app in 5 minutes

With NativeGap you enter a link, upload some images, choose colors, set user experience preferences and voila, after a few more minutes of processing, your app is ready to be published on all the platforms you'll ever need.


Our unmatched pricing allows you to get started entirely for free.



The perfect plan if you're just getting started.

Thoroughly customize your app. From colors and icons to transitions and sizes.

Does not include a commercial license.

$7 /year


Commercially distribute your app.

Publish your commercial app and remove NativeGap branding.

Includes a commercial license.

$20 /year


If you are building a product, this is what you want.

Add extra functionality like push notifications to your app.

Includes a commercial license.